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    Maureen Smith

    Vault prizes? Is it possible to find out who is winning them ?e g I entered one for a ticket to win entry to the first class lounge at kings cross and other stations . How will I know if I win and when would I be told , one week two weeks ? There is nothing to say when it will start or when the closings date is . Regards Maureen 

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    Chris Kennedy

    @Mauren Smith
    If you win, you'll get an email. Make sure your profile/email address is up to date. 

    Vault prizes. Red announce where they can. There's lots of winners and not all of them want to have it publicised. I believe there's an option to write in for each vault/draw, see the T&Cs for details.

    VTEC lounge pass draw. - I agree it's missing it's close date. This isn't a vault prize, it's a verified exclusive draw. I'd guess it'll close at 00:59 on the 30th (based on previous draw lengths).

    Hope that helps while you wait for a comment from Red

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