Choose points only or points and prizes



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    Maureen Smith

    I have to agree with Brian lots of times I don't want the prize but I want the points. The one that really gets on my nerves is buy one get one free where I live there are 4 family run coffee shops I use them in turn and would not go to the one that is in the app almost every month if it was get all your coffees free I still would not go there Maureen 

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    Chris Kennedy

    Members are free to and do, decline prizes as you have. Believe VRed will redraw a winner in most cases.

    I don't mind either way, I'll happily decline in the event of a win if it's something 'unworkable'.
    I suspect the current way means not having to develop another system to run alongside, ie it's just easier to redraw in the relatively rare event of someone declining.

    Maureen, kudos for shopping local.
    The Caffe Nero Bogof is in a vault, you don't get points for opening it. You are of course free to not reveal and use any vouchers contained within. It's a very popular offer with many other members.  Only used it once myself, and got brain freeze trying a couple of their iced drinks.

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