Getting fed up



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    Helen McCarthy

    I have been doing Virgin Red since the very beginning and still have yet to win anything. My husband, who only dabbles every couple of months, has won twice. I keep going in the hope that I will win something one day...

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    Chris Kennedy

    Checking the obvious first: You do remember to tap 'Enter' once you've unlocked the vault, don't you?   (It has been known)

    All the vaults are luck of the draw (unless stated). 

    If you look at the prizes of these 4th/5th time winners, they are generally (or combination of);
    From the mass prize (200/500/1000) verified exclusive draws - verifying opens up more draws, so more chances to win.
    They were early adopters - People who joined prior to the launch or shortly after. The playing pool was smaller earlier on (better odds) and they've had longer to win. They'll also know the app quite well, so maximise their points.
    VIP Vault (previously less well known VIP Club) gifts - Guaranteed small gift for top points scorer (Will be one of the regular superusers most months), + a random nine from all who enter the VIP Vault each received a small gift.   In it's previous format, The VIP Club (see early adopters), your chances were better. It was the top 100 scorers, top getting a small gift. 5-10 (it varied) of the remaining 99 getting a little something too.
    From Mass Prize Lower Vaults - More prizes means more winners, some just get the luck of the draw

    People tend to underestimate the numbers playing and therefore overestimate their chances of winning, especially from the vaults.
    People's personal definition of 'prize' and 'win' vary - eg, I wouldn't count a reverse auction 'win' as a prize. Many discount the free meal vouchers as 'prizes'.
    Verifying opens up more chances to win. Fewer entrants in the verified draws. Virgin Media exclusives tend to produce lots of winners.
    Maximising your points to unlock more vaults can help (Lots will open the first few, less open the VIP)
    Be patient - the luck of the draw may favour you one day.

    Personally - Been playing 2 years+ :  
    Phone case (VMedia exclusive 1000s), 
    Bottle of Fizz (RockYourWorld Weekly Draw. 50?), 
    Papa Johns Pizza from last week's 1000 per day giveaway,  
    5x Bella Italla free meals (2 x Bella Meal Or Deal & 3x VMedia Exclusive Giveaways) 

    and one bottle of fizz as a much appreciated 'Thank you' from Red.

    Yet to win anything from the vaults themselves, unless you count the one time I used the Nero 2 4 1 offer. Although I don't really expect a win from the vaults with the numbers involved. 

    Be lucky!

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    Helen McCarthy


    I was an early adopter (so more than 2 years) Always tap enter. Still nothing.... My luck must change one day!

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    Zeaba Winning

    Same here, I have 3 virgin verified accounts and still nothing after 2 years and I enter when I open a vault.

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