Matthew Thelwell



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    Caroline Acton

    You’re not the only one Matthew , been entering ever since the start and never won anything. To add insult to injury when I tried to use the virgin holidays discount code the agent said it was invalid. So, don’t know if it makes you feel any better, but you are not alone!

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    Chris Kennedy

    " and have never had any acknowledgement from Virgin over anything"
    At the very least you should get a confirmation email for each competition you enter.

    To enter the vault competitions you must hit  the 'enter' button found at the bottom of the text found in each vault. (Some people have been known not to do this.)

    Prizes are won every month. Winners can be spotted coming forward on social media channels, although not all do.

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    Caroline Acton

    Oh I get the confirmation email Chris ... and my heart lifts... and then I realise that’s all it is!

  • I got an email in February to say I had one the valentine's chocolate. Several emails chasing later, I never got the prize, not even an explanation why not.
    I've even emailed to ask if it's a con and no denial to that either, just acknowledgement of receipt.

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