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    Chris Kennedy

    AFAIK you can't any longer. 
    The £5 ticket offer was exclusive to members who were verified Virgin Media customers. This offer ended 30th Dec '18
    You can still get 20% off via the tile on the lower carousel,
    Keep checking the app, as new offers come along.often enough.

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    Heather Watson

    Strange... I've just verified I'm a Virgin Media customer and I clicked on Get A Cinema Ticket For £5 on the Virgin Red app, paid for it and got an email with a code stating its valid until Nov 2019 yet the t&c states within the app says Sept 30th 2019


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    Chris Kennedy

    Looks like the offer has since been given a 2nd life since my previous post. (the t&cs were updated after it).
    There may be some inconsistencies with the copy (certainly mentions the wrong year on the full t&cs (last runs expiry date)).
    Probably go with the earlier date to be safe. Although if it says Nov with the should be useable.


    Edit: I've given Red a nudge to check & update/correct the text. 

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