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    Angela Mason

    I’m hoping so, as I’ve purchased them for a luxe cinema

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    John Jolley

    My Odeon is very slowly converting to a Luxe, but hasn't started charging extra for the seats while work is in progress. Nevertheless, every attempt to book online using my two £5 Virgin Red promotion codes fails with a message that states the code is not valid for the production or seating type.

    I messaged Virgin Red support 4 days ago, no reply :(

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    John Jolley

    Thanks, Chris. I did read the T&C before I purchased the tickets - the original version of course, not the one updated 10 days ago that you link to. At the time work was just starting on our local Odeon, and the name 'Luxe' had not appeared.

    In any case, the T&C do not specifically exclude Odeon Luxe, and the cinema has not been charging any premium for the seats even up to the present time - it's own web page says as much.

    So, It looks like I've spent £10 on tickets I can't use because either:

    • Odeon doesn't honour the T&C as stated for Virgin Red promotional tickets


    • the online booking system has a fault that rejects Virgin red tickets


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