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    Chris Kennedy

    It'd be better to contact Virgin Red directly Cheryl.  You can do this either by social media DM/PM or tap the 'contact support' link at the top of this forum.

    If you want to use email, is the one to use.

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    Interesting to see I’m not the only one. I got an email on same day saying I’d won one of the winter wardrobes. i sent a message to the support team asking when I would get my prize and was sent a reply saying I would receive it in the next 2 weeks. A week later I got an email saying if I didn’t reply to their email, the query ticket would be closed. I told them I still hadn’t rec’d anything and I got exactly the same reply saying to wait 2 weeks. And the following day they closed the query ticket.

    What’s going on Virgin? Expect better than this. 

  • Suprise suprise same here, I won the chocolates in February, contacted support and I often get the we hav'nt heard from you in the last 5 days so will close it!
    I did get an answer a month ago to say they would resend but no chocolates just another if I don't reply I. 5 days they will close it, when I do respond no reply!
    I think trading standards would be interested in these non existing prizes

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