Did not get my validation points


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    Chris Kennedy

    Tokens are usually added during the first 72hrs of the month.
    If you haven't received them:

    a: Check you're still verified via the "get verified" page in the app.  
    b: If you're not verified. Retry. if you can't verify, check you still meet the requirements for doing so. The basic requirements are listed on those (unverfified) tiles. There can be other additional requirements not listed.  Such as Virgin Media verify via PAYG virgin mobile would require a £10 top up in last six months and some activity (data use/call/text) in the same period. 

    Lastly: Contact Virgin Red vaults via social media PM/DM (or use the "Contact Support" button at the top of this page) with your Virgin Red details and ask them to check it out for you.

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